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It explains work life balance and associated terms researchers have used to study the concept The chapter reviews resea

A Study of Employee Retention Authors Sangita Gorde SKN Sinhgad School of Business Management Abstract Employee Retention is a challenging .

This study aims to examine the effect of employee engagement.

job satisfaction
task complexity and talent management .

This study aimed to determine the employee retention management practices in selected convenience stores in Cavite


Employees are the properties of any business or else association.Employee retention is beneficial for the business as well as the employee.


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An on going study employees companies indicates the two variables that affect job retention and turnover are job satisfa

The study focuses on the impact of Training and development

job performance
job satisfaction

and effective communication on employee retention

a .

The purpose of this research is to know the impact of Human Resources practices Fairness of rewards and Growth opportuni

completion of the project Employee retention is beneficial for the organization as well as the employer Retention of k

The aim of this thesis is to analyze the level of employee satisfaction and work motivation It also deals with the effe

Saavana Kumar.


Mediating Role of Employee Retention on the Relationship between Employee Engagement and Employee Performance An .

Given these points.

this study enriches the empirical evidence.

specifically regarding the direct connection of training and development.

work environment
and job .

In year study of more
when purpose was activated in actions
not just words

an organization was three times more likely to have people

Purpose The purpose of the present empirical study is to examine the factors that have an impact on the turnover intent
with an .

The findings of this study suggest that employee retention is contingent on employee satisfaction.

which is comprised of four factors sustainable positive work .

Abstract and Figures. Employee engagement is an important issue in management theory and practice. However.

there are still major differences in the .

This paper focuses on reviewing the findings of previous studies conducted by various researchers with the aim to identi

The aim of this thesis is to analyze the level of employee satisfaction and work motivation It also deals with the effe
job satisfaction.


and rewards differences..

This study focuses on IT employee retention.

particularly during the COVID Retaining and employing young IT professionals today is a challenging task for human re

The present research is inclined to study the relationship between two important forms of “Contract” in employment relations.

psychological contract and knowledge contract
and job outcomes

i e employee retention and employee satisfaction For this purpose
the data were collected employees working in the IT sector from .

In this study.

we aim to study how employees regard importance of their empowerment

equity of compensation
job design through training and expectancy toward effective performance management on .

Findings of the study indicated that employee engagement has a relationship with their job satisfaction. Moreover.

the study also highlights that employee engagement has an influence on their job .

The purpose of this study was to analyze the effect of compensation
training and development
and organizational culture on job satisfaction and employee retention. This study uses primary data in .

This paper presents an empirical investigation to study the relationship between job satisfaction and employees ’ personal characteristics including gender.

marital status

An Empirical Study The Mediating Role of Job Satisfaction on the Relationship between Belongingness and Employee Retention in Malaysian Manufacturing Industry. Article. Full text available. Dec .

The findings revealed that career development has a significant positive effect on employee retention β 1 226

p lt 0 05
and there was an empirical significant positive relationship

employee commitment employee retention.

side bet commitment.

social identity theory. INTRODUCTION The concept of organizational commitment.

when used as predictors of employee retention

This research aims to understand the causes of employee turnover and retention strategies in an organization Key resear



Tarik Raihan published Role of Job Characteristics Model on Employee Job Satisfaction An Empirical Study

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Abstract Employee satisfaction is a factor in motivation
retention and goal achievement in the place of work and commitment is a factor that include no excess work load

treating employee with

The finding of this study showed that the level of job satisfaction was significantly associated with the overall intention. Nurses who were unsatisfied on their job autonomy. 55 95 CI 1.194.

5.466 more likely to intend to leave their workplace than nurses who reported to be satisfied..

The findings of this study suggest that employee retention is contingent on employee satisfaction

which is comprised of four factors sustainable positive work environment sustainable growth opportunities sustainable amp effective communication and sustainable amp effective recruitment and selection practices..

Findings The paper gives empirical insights on how employee engagement helps promote employer value offerings to the emp

which helps in the successful retention of employees

This study mainly focuses on examining the effects of employee motivation on Job Satisfaction

job satisfaction on customer satisfaction
customer satisfaction on firm performance.

and the .

This study influential factors of employee retention in the Mekong Delta region’s construction fields

of which several important factors were highlighted base salary.

salary payment term

labor contract.

labor market mobility
and opportunities to participate in large construction projects..

Retention of Employees through Career Development

Employee Engagement and Work life Balance An Empirical Study among Employees in the Financial Sector in Djibouti.

East Africa

Saavana Kumar.


Mediating Role of Employee Retention on the Relationship between Employee Engagement and Employee Performance An Empirical Study INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF CURRENT ENGINEERING AND SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH IJCESR 2021.

Available at SSRN

The impact of job security

job satisfaction and job embeddedness on employee retention an empirical investigation of Pakistan’s health care in
Semantic Scholar DOI 10 1108 jabs 12 2020 0480 Corpus ID 244223966

Employers often face severe problem in motivating and creating job satisfaction for the workers working in the organization. To create program and


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This study aims to find the impact of green HRM practices on organizational sustainability and employee retention of the educational institutions

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For example Haider et al..

2015 Francis.


researches provided empirical implications on the relationship between HRM practices and employee retention

though they failed to substantiate the empirical link between some HR aspects and the intention to stay among employees

The results demonstrated that market orientation has a significant role in employee retention as well as outstanding organizational financial performance. The outcomes of this study will help organizations understand the importance of market orientation in achieving superior organizational financial performance and in retaining key .

This study aimed to determine the impact of different dimensions of a toxic workplace environment.

including ostracism.



and bullying.

on job productivity. Furthermore.

we wanted to test the mediation of job burnout between toxic workplace environments and job productivity..

The study discusses five employee variables that impact on customer satisfaction


communication and rewards as well as employee loyalty

retention and commitment A set of hypotheses were

This paper presents a quantitative study examined the mediating role of job satisfaction JS on the relationship between belongingness BG and employee retention ER in the Malaysian .

This is the first quantitative study to examine the influence of compensation on the relationship between direct and ind


Food and Beverages
Health Care.


and Higher Education of Pakistan

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